REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCESSFUL PARTICIPATION The ten (10) month program runs from the August Retreat Workshop through May. It is necessary for the following requirements to be met in order for a participant to graduate:

  1. Participation in the Program Sessions – There are ten (10) sessions, and at least eight (8) sessions must be attended. Except in truly unavoidable situations, punctuality and maintaining presence for the entire session is required. Under no circumstances may a participant miss any portion of the August Retreat Workshop. Failure to attend the entire Retreat Workshop may make it impossible for a participant to continue in the program.

  2. Tuition – Tuition for the Leadership Dixie Program is $500. Applicants will be billed for the tuition upon their acceptance into the program. The individual, employer, agency, organization or other source may pay the tuition. Tuition is due and payable within 30 days of notification of acceptance. Special terms may be arranged upon request. For any questions regarding tuition payment, please contact the Leadership Dixie Chair-elect at

  3. Application Requirements – Each candidate must submit these items:
    1. Application Form
    2. A recent photograph
    3. At least two Letters of Recommendation that reflect both personality/character profiles as well as professional attributes


Leadership Dixie participants will be selected by a review committee on the basis of completed applications, which must be returned by May 15th, preceding the fall in which you wish to participate. As a follow-up to this application, a personal interview may be requested by the Executive Committee. Preference will be given to candidates who, in addition to their potential for Leadership, would contribute to the overall diversity and strength of the class and have available time and resources to commit to the program and future community service. The class is limited to thirty (30) individuals.

For further information, contact the Leadership Dixie Applications Committee at