Leadership Dixie is a prestigious community education program that enhances the knowledge and skills of Washington County’s new and seasoned community leaders. Since 1998, its mission and purpose is to develop a corps of informed, qualified individuals capable of providing dynamic leadership for Washington County. Participants enjoy an experience that is both fun and educational as they broaden understanding of local issues and resources.

Each year up to 30 applicants for the program are accepted into the class. Class members meet one day each month, from August through May, to participate in a “challenge day.” The challenge day is devoted to a theme, with topics ranging from history, government, business, law enforcement, education, health,area growth, parks, and recreation, to cultural diversity.

Generally, on a challenge day, participants board a bus and enjoy a “field trip” to various locations throughout the county. Area leaders and experts provide presentations, demonstrations, and a wide range of interactive opportunities for individual growth and development.

Participants repeatedly describe this program as both “tons of fun,” and “unbelievably enlightening.” Those who were “born and bred” in Dixie realize that before participating in Leadership Dixie, they knew a lot about the area, but were amazed at all they learned from the program!

There is no better way to prepare for a leadership role in this community than to participate in Washington County’s Leadership Dixie Program!