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Leadership Dixie
Board Member Application

To apply to serve as a Leadership Dixie Board member, please complete and submit the information below.
Applications must be received no later than April 15th.

Did you graduate with your original class?
Have you served on this Board previously?

Thanks for submitting!

  • Who can become a Board member?
    Board members are chosen from individuals who have graduated from the Leadership Dixie program.
  • How are Board members selected?
    In April, the current Board members will review all applications to determine the best Board composition. When considering applications, it is well recognized that a wide array of personal diversity and professional expertise may contribute to better decision making which may benefit the program and its participants.
  • What is the time commitment of a Board member?
    Board meetings are held monthly for one (1) hour. Meetings are typically held on the 4th Thursday of each month. Attendance is very important, therefore any member who has three (3) unexcused absenses within a rolling twelve (12) month period may be removed from the Board.
  • How long is a Board member term?
    The term for each member shall be three (3) years.* (see bylaws for complete details)
  • How much are Board members paid?
    Board members are volunteers and are not monetarily compensated for their time and effort. The compensation comes in the form of building community relationships and paying it forward to subsequent classes.
  • Am I required to attend all the Challenge Days?
    Challenge Day attendance is encouraged and a great perk of being a Board member. Each member will be assigned to one or more sub-committees to facilitate assigned Challenge Day(s) and attendance for that day is required. (**Retreat Day is mandatory for all Board members.)
  • What if I am not chosen to be a Board member?
    Do not get discouraged! Your application will be kept on file and reconsidered the following year. Board member terms are staggered and new members will be selected each year.
Before submitting an application to be a Leadership Dixie Board Member, please read the FAQ's.

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