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Challenge days
what are they?

The purpose of each Challenge Day is to:

ENGAGE with professionals and leaders.


     INFORM each class participant of new ideas, approaches, advances, opportunities, and needs.


          EMPOWER participants with potentially life-changing information and insight.


               INSPIRE each individual to do their part in supporting incredible causes and needs to keep our community thriving and progressing.

History Day

Learn about the rich history of the St. George area and visit some historic landmarks!

Diversity Day

Learn about the interesting and diverse cultures that make up Washington County.

Health Day

Learn about how healthcare affects our community through on-site visits, tours, and guest speakers.

Government Day

Learn about the role of government in Dixie. Visit with local mayors and city council regarding current issues.

Business Day

Class participants learn about the fascinating businesses here in our own back yard with on-site tours.

Arts, Parks & Rec Day

Our amazing Dixie provides many opportunities to explore exceptional forms of art and recreation.

Growth Day

Learn what it takes to keep a community like ours growing while maintaining good quality of life.

Education Day

Learn about our local schools, challenges they face, and how education impacts our community.

Law Day

Learn about law and order from those who enforce it! Engage with local law enforcement and learn what it takes to keep the peace.

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engage     inform     empower     inspire

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